10W LED Flood Light with Knuckle - Cool White - Landscaping Light - UL

10W LED Flood Light with Knuckle - Cool White - Landscaping Light - UL

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PERFECT LANDSCAPING LIGHT! Our new line of 120-volt LED Flood Lights with adjustable knuckle are made from die-cast aluminum with stainless steel screws, each with an integrated LED with a very wide beam angle. This LED Flood light can be used as accent lighting in many locations, ideal for general site lighting, alleys, loading docks, parks, doorways, parking areas, accent or tree lighting. Works great with motion sensors or other on/off controls.


enlightened ENERGY SAVING: It can replace 120W traditional HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulbs, save 67% on electricity bill of lighting.

enlightened WATERPROOF: IP65 waterproof rating ensures that your led outdoor flood light won't give in to the elements. No matter the weather, the DEMASLED LED floodlight can handle it.

enlightened EFFICENT COOLING & LONG LIFESPAN: The fixture is designed with a fin type heat sink, which means it acts like a radiator to dissipate heat. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan.

enlightened SUPER BRIGHT: Bring the best and brightest lighting to your application with a 10-watt power consumption. Illuminate the darker corners of your workspace!

enlightened ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: No Lead and Mercury. No Hazardous Emissions. No UV or IR Radiation, no harm to the environment and human health.


Universal Knuckle Mounting: Multiple mounting options add versatility for the fixtures make them the perfect choice any higher-power application and are a good alternative to HID flood lights.  Flexible enough to meet your lighting requirements. Suitable for ground mounting, up lighting & down lighting. It has a fully-adjustable locking knuckle, so you can set it to the desired angle and the tempered glass lens is fully casketed to seal it against moisture.

Wide Beam Angle:110° beam angle, providing you with wide illumination range.

Start-up Time:Instantly on (halogen: up to 30 seconds to reach max brightness)

Sufficient Brightness: 1000 lumens cool white color. Bright enough to meet all your lighting needs. No shadow and no glare.

Material:Die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel screws and tempered glass lens

Light Source:Integrated Cree® LED (Cree Lighting Products)

Lead Wire: 5" of premium grade UL Listed lead wire. (Power plug not included).

Running Temperature:Relatively cool (halogen: extremely hot to the touch)

■ Superior Quality:We go beyond these basic certifications and engineer products that are certified for a wide range of applications to assist in passing field inspections.

Notes: When installing this LED Flood Light, make sure to turn off the circuit breaker to avoid electrocution. Do not look directly into the light. This can cause damage to your eyes. Shipped Safely in heavy duty large box with foam.

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