Wireless Light Switch, Kinetic Energy 2 Push Buttons, 433MHz IP67

Wireless Light Switch, Kinetic Energy 2 Push Buttons, 433MHz IP67

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With Wireless Kinetic Switches, you can place a light switch anywhere you need or desire. From standard locations like doorways and halls, your bedside, desktop, to columns, patios, and even on exposed brick walls – therefor, you can literally use a light switch anywhere.

Technology is advancing in every step of the way, Wireless technology is especially useful in remodeling and retrofit projects, or when where cutting through walls is especially hard, like in a log or adobe homes.



enlightenedSelf-Sufficient:The product supplies itself of electric power it needs No wires. No batteries. No fuss. No mess or soldering, just press the button and is on. This gives you the opportunity of saving in energy bills and be onboard with helping our environment.

enlightenedLong Lifespan & Reception Range:The button can be used approximately 200.000 times. This innovative Wireless Kinetic Switch covers a range of 82.02 Ft. – 25mt on indoors and 262.47 Ft. – 80mt on outdoor spaces.

enlightened Smart Home Technology: Besides the kinetic energy, it provides and the portable use of your own switch, this 1 button kinetic switch is also compatible with our wireless receiver and our dimmable wireless receiver once you have done the set-up, the receiver is compatible with Google Home App, Nesta & ALEXA. 

enlightened How do they work?There´s a switch placed on an interior generator, when you turn on the switch, it provides kinetic energy. The signal is then transmitted to the receiver which sends the on /off signal to the lighting fixture or lamp. The noise is very low; it will be not affect your ambience in any way once is turned on.

enlightened Wide variety of Applications: Use these convenient switches for new houses, remodeling with no cable or wires needed. Above or beside you bed, night desk, on doors, wall, and office desk. Help out the little ones of the house by providing them to their own on/off switch at their level, therefore; no more worrying in how they will reach up to shut the off.

enlightened  Easy to Use & Easy Installment:It comes with a double face adhesive that allows you to fix the wireless switch on the wall, glass, ceramic, bricks and any other needed place. If you don´t want to use it on any wall or surface you can just take it with you and use it anywhere the determined range.

enlightened Certified:This Kinetic Switch is CE Certified (European Commission Mark) which verifies that it meets with all the European safety standards and the authorized circulation of these products within and out of Europe. It also applies with RoHS Compliance, which certifies the restriction of Hazardous Substances (like the restriction of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, among others).

Power Mode Kinetic Energy + Receiver   
Frequency 433 MHz
Comunication Mode FSK   
Compatibility Mobile phone APP | Amazon ECHO   
Indoor Range 82.02 ft
Outdoor Range 262,46 ft
IP Protection Grade IP67   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Material PC   
Casing Color White   
Length 3.35 in
Width 3.35 in
Height 0.79 in
Weight 3,53 oz
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 50 °F
Lifespan >200K h

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 05/12/21.