22W T8 LED Tube - 59.05" / 5ft. / 150cm - Cool white (100-277V) UL

22W T8 LED Tube - 59.05" / 5ft. / 150cm - Cool white (100-277V) UL

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The LED Tube Lights are designed to be direct replacement for Fluorescent Tube Lights.
This T8 LED Tube Light replaces the traditional 60W 5ft. Fluorescent Tube light with no maintain cost. Save 51% on electricity bill of lighting!
The LED technology is eco-friendly and maximum light output and energy serving.
- Solid-state design, extremely durable.
- It doesn´t need Inductor ballast - No maintenance costs.
- When it is on, the LEDs are invisible, the light is uniform.
- Low Power Consumption: Energy saving up to 70% than normal fluorescent lamp.
- Long Life expectancy: 50,000hs.
- Removable & Rotatable end-cap.
- RoHS compliant: No UV, Lead, No Mercury, No filaments.
- No Noise, No flickering.
- Vibration resistance.
- Special circuit design, each LED works separately avoiding single LED fails to affect other LEDs.
- Heat dissipation.
- Isolated driver
Technical Data
Working Voltage: AC100-277V
Power Consumption: 22W
LED Type: SMD 4014
Size:  5ft. / 150cm
Bulb Type: T8 5ft. LED Tube
Lamp Base: G13 bipin base
Lens reflector style: Milky / Frosted Cover (LEDs are not visibles)
Material: aluminum and hard plastic
For Indoor Use. Outdoor use requires a weather protected fixture
Certifications: UL LISTED, RoHS, CE
Optical Characteristics:
Color Temperature: 4500K
Lumen: Lm
Beam Pattern: 120°
CRI: 80
Luminance from:
3.28ft (1m) = Lux
6.56ft (2m) = Lux
9.84ft (3m) = 60Lux
(Accuracy: ±15%)

How To Use: Ours LED Tubes have a single-end power configuration (Hot and Neutral pins are on one side of the tube)

Step 1, Remove the fluorescent lamp.
Step 2, Remove ballast and rewiring AC Power directly to the end of the Tube.
Step 3, Connect AC Input Power to one end of the Tube (labeled): Positive Wire to "L" (Live/Hot: Black Wire) and Negative Wire to "N" (Neutral/Ground: White Wire).
The pins on the other end of the Tube are for physically securing the Tube only (they are only used to hold the tube), and do not serve any electrical purposes. (For easier installation see our Kit for T8 LED Tube)
Step 4, Install LED tube.
Step 5, Switch on power.
Precaution: Switch off power before doing any works.
Holder Kit to hang the T8 LED Tube from the wall, is not included.
Available Sizes: 2ft. (10W) , 4ft. (18W).
All specifications are subject to change without notice

Tech Data

Power consumption
22 W
100-277 V
Cool white
1500 mm - 59.05 in
6000 ºK