24V Power Supplies

24V Power Supplies


DEMASLED®DC 24 V power supplies are ideal to power your LED Strips and your LED Wall Washers including with their controllers. Made to be installed in different projects that go from indoor to outdoors, these power supplies come with certification ranging from UL Listed to an FCC and CE Certified, they certify all the safety standards that guarantee their performance. They are divided into the following categories:

Plug-in Style Using plug jack Connectors. Our line of wall plug-in power supplies is designed to be easy to install, manage, and intended for indoor uses only, just plug your LED lights into the jack of the LED light adapter either directly or using a connector. This is the right choice if you are installing just a few light fixtures or want to avoid making a permanent installation with a bigger, hard-wired power driver.

Hard Wire Power supplies. If you are planning on hard wiring your LED power supply directly to your 100-240VAC power source, then a hard wire style transformer would be the perfect fit. We carry a wide variety of hard wire style power supplies, including many waterproof and dimmable transformers/power supplies.

Waterproof Power Supplies. If you have an outdoor job or are mounting your power supply in a place that is exposed to dust and moisture, then one of our waterproof power supplies would be the perfect fit for your project. All waterproof power supplies come with an IP protection that goes from 66 to 68 rating for them to have a proper protection. 



  • CE Certified Indoor Power Supply - DC24V 5A 120W

    DEMASLED® High-quality DC24V is ideal for LED strips, wall washers or any other LED that requires a DC of 24V and less than 120W. Its material design of metallic mesh enhances the heat dissipation, allowing the end system to easily meet the ...[+]

    Code: fap-07-24v

    Quantity per Master Box: 1 Unit/s




  • Enclosed Switching Power Supply 24V 211.2W 8.8A with Input Switch

    Our switching power supply (90-132 VAC or 180-264 VAC) unit allows the alternating current to become direct current, being ideal to provide a reliable and constant source of electricity for LED products. Its function is to ensure that the LED do...[+]

    Code: fap-200-24V

    Quantity per Master Box: 30 Unit/s

    Color: SILVER