• Wireless Master Controller 2.4G Dc5V 500mA smart light series

    This Wireless Master Controller is used to connect the easybulb smartlights to your mobile device. This controller can be used to control RGB and White lights and you can control as many bulbs as possible. It works for Android phones and ...[+]

    Code: con-50



  • RGB WIFI Remote controller 2.4G DC12-24V 18A

    Rf 2.4GHZ Dimmer Wireless intuitive Touch remote control Effective receiving distance, appoximately 30m Easy operation, 16 million colors changing. ...[+]

    Code: con-53



  • DC5-24V LED Music Controller - 20 modes

    The LED Music Controller: is a high performance universal power music RGB controller. It adopts the world's advanced PWM (pulse-width modulation) control technology to control various constant voltage LEDs, e.g., LED RGB strip, module, pe...[+]

    Code: con-55



  • 2.4G RGB LED Color Touch Remote Controller - DC12-24V * 18A

    This product is a high performance RGB LED full-touch remote control controller. This controller adopts the most advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) control technology; it can control all four lines three-loop (common anode) LED full color ...[+]

    Code: con-56



  • Controller compatible with remote controller CON-60 - DC12-24V * 15A

    This product is a high performance RGB LED full-touch remote controller. This controller adopts the most advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) control technology; it can control all four lines three-loop (common anode) LED full color lighting...[+]

    Code: con-59



  • Remote controller for CON-59

    This high performance RGB LED full-touch remote controller works for CON-59. It has a fashionable and beautiful appearance, which is very functional and simple. The control system consists of two parts, the RF remote control and receiver (con...[+]

    Code: con-60



  • RGB Remote controller

    This RGB remote controller can control the led lights by changing the color, dim/brighten the lights, warm/cool white and different programs. It has a low power consumption, long distance transmission and strong anti-interference ability. ...[+]

    Code: con-63



  • TS-1000-6803 Pixel LED Controller w/ SD Card - (max. 2048 PIXEL LEDs)

    This PIXEL LED Controller can control up to 2048 Pixel Digital LEDs (not included). Using “Gamma correction” or a “LED edit 2013” software, you can record, create and edit the programs. T-1000S System fe...[+]

    Code: con-66



  • Pixel LED Controller w/ SD Card & Power Supply (max 8000 Pixel LEDS)

    This PIXEL LED controller has the greatest capacity and can control up to 8000 Pixel LEDs (not included). Using “Gamma correction” or “LED edit 2013” software, you can record, create and edit the programs. Importa...[+]

    Code: con-67



  • PixeL LED SPI-16 Remote Control +M16 Receiving controller

    A mini fantastic controller with an RF remote, which can control all the led lights with IC drivers; Compact and powerful but not simple with built-in multi-changing effects, you can also customize the two kinds of scene modes to give you a f...[+]

    Code: con-71



  • Controller M6 + M3-3A

    This RF radio frequency remote control has a wireless signal with strong penetrating power, even if there is an obstacle in front it can be controlled. It has a well-designed operation key in which allows you to control color temperature,...[+]

    Code: con-72



  • RGB panel touch Controller

    This panel touch controller has multiple changing modes: static, dynamic, 7-color gradual, jump, etc. You can change them as you like. The full color touch single is for single color, two colors o full color control. It supports 4 zon...[+]

    Code: con-73



  • Wifi controller for COn-73

    Realize simple zones control function in connecting multi-master. Support both wifi control of Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone), Android mobile devices like samsung, HTC and RF wireless remote. With the 3-in-1(RGB, dimming, CT) apple/a...[+]

    Code: con-74



  • 44-Button Wireless RGB Controller – DC 12-24V * 6A

    This RGB Controller has a 44-key IR Remote and allows you to control our RGB LED Lights (strips, modules, round par RGB, etc.) to create unlimited light effects. The remote has 20 static color settings, 8 color-changing modes (flash, stro...[+]

    Code: con44b



  • Color Fading Controller - Automatic Mode - DC12-24V * 6A

    The Color Fading Controller adopts the advanced micro-control unit and is used for controlling a variety of LED light units. Includes: ·      Cable with 2.1 DC Male Jack (input) and two wires (+ and -) to c...[+]

    Code: confa



  • DMX-512 Decoder / Controller for RGB LEDs - DC12-24V * 12A

    The DMX Decoder has an advanced micro control unit and receives standard DMX-512 digital control signals and transforms them into PWM signal for powering LEDs. You can connect the DMX module with the DMX digital console to achieve different e...[+]

    Code: condmxrgb


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  • Magic LED Strip Controller - Dream Color Controller

    This Magic LED Controller is only to be used with our Magic LED Light Strips.   All specifications are subject to change without notice   ...[+]

    Code: conmag



  • Wireless Master Controller w/ RF Remote Control - DC12V * 12A

    This Wireless Controller is used to control our RGB LED products. The system consists of a primary module "Master Controller” and, to add additional modules, "Slave Controller" (not included - optional). You can conne...[+]

    Code: conmas



  • Ultra Slim Mini RGB Controller – DC 12V 3A

    This ultra-slim Mini Controller is ideal for systems that require an RGB controller with basic functions and minimum outputs and can be installed where there is limited space. Notes: The Operating Voltage of this product is DC. NEVER...[+]

    Code: conmicon



  • Automatic Mini Pixel LED Controller - DC5-12V*9A - (max. 512 Pixel LEDs)

    This controller provides easy control 100 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixels or 40 Round Digital RGB LED Pixels. It is lightweight and has a small convenient size. You can connect it to any type of LED Pixel, create sweeping effects wit...[+]

    Code: conminipix



  • Digital Controller Unit & Wireless Control - DC12-24V * 12A

    This controller has 8 buttons for controlling your LED units (power, play/pause, speed control, brightness, and dynamic modes).  It can also be used through the RF Remote Control. It can control a variety of our RGB or monochro...[+]

    Code: conmyrf



  • Wireless Slave Controller (Signal repeater from Master Controller)

    This Slave Controller can be used in conjunction with the Master LED Controller, synchronized wirelessly. This controller is enclosed in a protective metal housing. By selecting the same working frequency for each slave module, it is poss...[+]

    Code: conslave



  • Holder For installation of the remotes

    Holder for installation of the remotes.   ...[+]

    Code: con-acc1