• Cut-to-Length Aluminum Extrusions

Cut-to-Length Aluminum Extrusions

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** All prices updated to 09/28/20.

When you’re just not finding the perfect extrusion profiles that you need, we are ready to swoop in and find the right solution for you. We can provide a wide range of extrusion shapes and the custom cut-to-length you need.


enlightenedFREE CUT: Our Free cut to length on the aluminum channels of 2 mt, is one of the best services since it guarantees the safety of the product during the shipping service, this is a special cut on a specific way to ensure that the extrusion will arrive in optimum conditions.

enlightenedCUSTOM CUT: Our Custom cut service ensures that the extrusion profiles being created are tailored to how you want them. We can cut your profile edge from 5 to 180 degrees, according to your needs.

enlightenedREDUCE LEAD TIMES: We can deliver quality pre-cut aluminum extrusions ready for installation or further fabrication. This service is ideal for interior designers, architects, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers.

enlightenedFRIENDLY SERVICE: Working together with our world-class customer service team, we have the power to take your ideas and transform them from concept into customized aluminum extrusion profiles that meet your exact project's requirements.


Tell us what you want, and we can usually cut, pack, and ship out your aluminum extrusion in TWO DAYS.  We do not have minimum order requirements for cutting profiles, but if you require that it be sent to the address of your project we need a minimum order to ensure that the product reaches its destination in good condition. Call one of our inside sales representatives and they will gladly help with your aluminum extrusion profile, shape, finishing, fabricating specifics and make your order.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 09/28/20.