RGB (Multi-Color) LED Linear Wall Washer, DC 12V 18W, 45° Beam Angle & 1080lm-19.68 in-500 mm, IP66

RGB (Multi-Color) LED Linear Wall Washer, DC 12V 18W, 45° Beam Angle & 1080lm-19.68 in-500 mm, IP66

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DEMASLED´s Linear LED Wall Washers are a high efficiency lighting source that will brighten, enhance, and add visual interest with a professional mixed, delicate and uniform light design to any large space. This color changing (RGB) LED wall washer is generally used in architectural settings, both indoors and outdoors, to decorate spaces and to highlight buildings, gardens, restaurants, and even stage sets by producing a bright and dynamic environment.

Wall washer lights are predominantly used for illuminating large areas that are calling for an enhancement. Be it cultural and historic buildings, galleries and exhibitions or feature walls at home, a wall washer is perfect at manipulating scales and attracting passing eyes. Accentuating the specific shape of a structure isn’t the only benefit posed by wall washers, a general enhancement of space, color and texture can be achieved by the wide spread of a wall washer. This lighting technique is commonly practiced by interior designers and many professionals install wall washers to make areas appear bigger than they actually are.

As well as space and size, color is also a factor. If a room contains a dominant color that needs further enhancement and colored, wall washers can contribute to the intensity of a room. Many outdoor walls are constructed with interesting brickwork and can embellish other features such as crawling ivy or pretty flowers.


enlightened Enhance your walls:Our RGB wall washer is ideal to provide lighting similar to daylight in order to not only give your walls the best lighting and accentuated color but it will also give the illuminated area the appearance of being more spacious, elegant and with a “curtain of light”  effect .

enlightened Waterproof:It can be used either indoors or outdoors because they are sealed from water and other liquids (IP66) offering you endless possibilities and applications. For example, you can use them by either installing them on the floor and illuminate the wall facing upwards or you may also install them on the roof and illuminate the wall downwards.

enlightened Wide & Interesting Applications:With DEMASLED´s LED wall washer you can enhance and accentuate walls on buildings ranging from historical and architectural settings to restaurants, galleries, gardens, hotels, bars, clubs, DJ booths, pubs, weddings, special events and lighting signs and exhibitions or feature walls at home.


■ Attractive and compact design with easy installation. This Linear Wall Washer LED Light is made up of 18 LEDs of 1W each. They are already connected with the appropriate resistors to be connected to a DC12V Power Supply.

■ Integrated design and excellent heat dissipation. It is mounted in aluminum. The superior part of this LED Wall Washer (from where the light is emitted) is sealed with glass.

■ Structural waterproof design with an IP66 protection rate and with an aluminum base and a length of 1.64 ft. / 0.50 mts, is suitable to fit in needed spaces both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a bracket which is fixed on the ground can be adjustable.


The connection for this wall washer is the following:

  • Blue Wire = Positive
  • Brown Wire = Red
  • Black Wire = Green
  • White & Green Wire = Blue

Tech Data

LED Type
SMD 5050
RGB - Multicolor
Beam Angle
Working Voltage
DC 12 V
Working Current
1.5 A
Power Consumption
18 W
50 – 60 Hz
Operating Temperature
-22 – 113°F / -30°C – 45°C
30.000 Hrs.
IP Protection
1.64 ft. / 0.50 mts.
1.57 in. / 4 cm
3.11 in. / 7.9 cm
RoHS Compliant & CE Certified
Wire´s Connections
Blue Wire: Positive Brown Wire: Red  -  Black Wire: Green White & Green: Blue