10W Waterproof RGB LED Flood Light - DC 12V - IP67

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The led bulb can replace the traditional filament lamps directly. They have a lower power consumption and higher brightness. With DEMASLED`s decor flood light you can give your outdoor applications an elegant and ideal lighting.


enlightened Waterproof: With an IP67 protection and an Aluminum material you can install them without worrying on rainy days, they`re easy to install and with no need of any extra cover`s installment.

enlightened High Brightness: Light up with no delay, with it`s RGB color and a 60º beam angle per flood light, you can be sure to have an enhanced and illuminated lighting fixture.

enlightened Dimmable: With this dimmable décor flood light you can ensure just the right amount of brightness you need. Be creative and innovate with the best outdoor lighting fixtures and spaces.

enlightened RGB Technology: It comes with RGB function. "RGB" means Red, Green and Blue in one product. Mixing these 3 primary colors with the IR remote control included, you'll be able to produce any color of the spectrum, including shades of white making it exceptionally versatile for creative accent lighting.

enlightened Wide Applications: Used for, daytime running, reversing lights, warning lamp, parking signal light, sidewalks, parks, exhibitions and product displays, small sporting fields, shows, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, wedding halls, light effects of monuments and works of art, etc.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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