LED Wall Washer Connector Male & Female BN-09RGB BN-10RGB, 7.87in

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Material Nylon   
Connector Type DC Plug / DC Jack   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Weight 1,76 oz

This RGB waterproof connector for Wall-washers is compatible with our BN-09RGB and BN-10RGB. wall-washers are the perfect solution to easily make your own waterproof connection cables. Thanks to its screw terminal, no soldering is required and installation will only take a few minutes.
Once assembled, the end caps are easy to plug in as their weather-resistant design keeps water out of splices and joints. To disconnect, simply unscrew the main body and separate the two ends. End caps have various levels of waterproofing, consisting of O-rings, waterproof sealant, and flexible end seals designed to tighten and close when the end caps are screwed together. Its has a cable longitude of 7.87in.

enlightenedNo soldering is required!
enlightenedIdeal for any outdoor setting.
enlightened4 pins for RGB LED wall washers.
enlightenedCompletely waterproof design.
enlightenedIP67 rating.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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