Transparent PC connector for RGBW strip · 5Pin, 10mm, IP20

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Safety Standard CE/ ROHS   

This RGBW LED Strip-to-Wire Gapless Connectors are used to connect the LED light Strip segments to the power wire a continuous and gapless connection.

Using gapless connectors is a great way to streamline your LED light strip installation and apply consistent lighting to your application! Each order includes 1 connector.


enlightenedReliable & Easy to Use: The perfect connections to use in case you want to bend your strips around a corner, extend them across a gap, or plug them into a power supply or dimmer. These are connectors that can be used by anyone. No tools or electrical experience is required.

enlightenedEasy Installation:  Open the wire clip. It should snap open with just a little effort. Insert your LED light strip inside the clip underneath the two contact prongs. Close and snap the wire clip shut. Gently pull on the wire to confirm you've secured the strip inside the connector.


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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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