Outdoor IP66 PWM Dimmable Power Supply, DC 12V, 150W, 12.5A

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Output Power 150 W
Output Voltage 12 Vdc
Input Current 2400 mA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage Tolerance ±5 %
Efficiency 83 %
Total Harmonic Distortion <20%   
Class II   
Input Voltage 100-130 Vac
PWM Dimming? Yes   
Switching (SMPS)? Yes   
ON / OFF Switch? No   
LED Indicator No   
IP Protection Grade IP66   
Use Outdoor   
Material Aluminum   
Casing Color Black   
Installment Superface or Recessed   
screw holder? Yes   
Connection Type Wires   
Cable Color White(N)-Black(L)-Green(GND) (IN) | Red(+)-Black(-) (OUT)   
Adjustable? No   
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 140 °F
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 176 °F
Width 3.07 in
Safety Standard UL1012   

DEMASLED High-quality DC12V 12.5A PWM dimmable power supply is ideal to make connections that require a medium power consumption (150 W or less). They are designed to provide a reliable and steady source of electricity for your LED lights.

Pulse Width Modulation Dimmers: This is the professional way of dimming LEDs. The full DC voltage is applied to the product for a very short time, thousands of times per second. The LEDs effectively flash, too quickly for the eye to see, the resultant brightness depends on the time the power is applied. This kind of dimmer should successfully dim, all the way from full to off, most LED products designed to operate directly from DC voltages.

Switch Power Supply: Switch Mode Power Supplies, or SMPS, are becoming frequently sought out for and in most cases, have replaced the traditional linear ac-to-dc power supplies as a way to cut power consumption, reduce heat dissipation, as well as size and weight. 

Switch-mode power supplies can now be found in most PC’s, power amplifiers, TV’s, DC motor drives, etc., and almost anything that requires a highly efficient supply as switch-mode, power supplies are increasingly becoming a much more mature technology. The major advantage of the switch mode power supply is its higher efficiency, compared to standard linear regulators.



enlightened Dimmable: Pulse width Modulation Dimmers are our best-selling dimmable power supplies. As far as sustainable options go, an LED driver that is dimmable will allow you to maximize your savings within your lighting fixtures. They offer superior dimming performance for the widest range of dimming switches (incandescent/halogen dimmer switches, on/off switching) dimmer controls, LED dimmable strip lights, etc. The built-in electronic filter eliminates flicker and provides the smoothest dimming. 

enlightened Waterproof: This power supply is specially designed for outdoor projects, you can mount them in places exposed to dust and moisture. Its IP66 grade allows it to have the right protection it needs for open spaces.

enlightened Suitable for DC 12V devices: This dimmable power supply is suitable for devices that require an operating voltage of DC 12V, a power consumption of 150W, and a current of 12.5A or less, perfect fit could be LED strips.

enlightened Various Applications: Its medium size makes it comfortable to place it in the best spot. Taking advantage of its current (12.5A) and its working power consumption makes it dynamic to work on projects offering superior dimming performance for the widest range of dimming switches (incandescent/halogen dimmer switches, on/off switching) dimmer controls, LED dimmable strips, LED modules,  etc.  

enlightened More Safety: NO spark when plug in, NOT getting too warm, NO need to worry about any fires / explosions or shocks occurring or harm coming to the kids and yourself.

enlightened Quiet Work: NO noticeable transformer noise or distortion when working this universal DC 12V power supply. With a dimmable LED driver, dimming won’t result in a buzzing sound. They are low-voltage LED power supplies with no flicker and annoying noises, providing a great dimming source for your dimmable LEDs.



■ For optimum performance, do not exceed maximum load, the unit will be turned off in case of faults and overloads to protect the unit and connected equipment.

■ For best use, the Power Supply should be 20% (approx.) higher (Watts/Amps) than the total required to run your system.

■ The power supply is considered as a component that will be operated in combination with final equipment. 

■ Before power on, please check the input voltage switch to avoid damage.

■ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

■ Warranty for 2 years.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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