Smart House Radio Frequecy WiFi ON/OFF Light Switch, 90-250Vac 10Amax 2200W 2.4GHz

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Working Current 10 A
Output Power 2200 W
Output Voltage 90-250 Vac
Output Current 10 A
Power Comsuption 0.3 W
Input Voltage 90-250 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input Channel 1   
Output Channel 1   
Comunication Mode Wi-Fi 2.4GHz   
Frequency 433 MHz
Dimmable? No   
Operating Temperature 14 ~ 140 °F
IP Protection Grade IP20   
Type of Chip TUYA   
APP Smart Life   
LED Indicator Yes   
ON / OFF Switch? Yes   
Material ABS V0 Fireproof   
Casing Color White   
Installment Superface or Recessed   
Connector Type Terminal Block   
Compatibility iOS 8.0+ | Android 4.0+ | Amazon ALEXA | Google HOME   
Use Indoor   
Length 3.54 in
Width 1,58 in
Height 0,98 in
Weight 1,76 oz
Safety Standard IRAM 2073   

DEMASLED´s Wi-Fi DIY Smart Switch allows you start transforming your home with smart lighting, turn your lighting appliances into smart devices by controlling them through the mobileSmart Life app wherever you are. Personalize your space by creating your own smart scenes for groups of connected devices with no need of frequent setups.


enlightenedPairing with Wireless Keys / RF Remotes: Press 3 times the button of the Smart Swtich RF (DOMO-18-RF) and immediately press once the Key or Remote Control to be paired. Done, the Smart Swtich RF will be paired with your Key or Remote Control.

enlightenedWiFi network pairing: Press and hold the button on the RF Smart Switch (DOMO-18-RF) until the indicator light starts to flash. Once this is done, the Smart Switch RF will be paired with your WiFi network.

enlightenedReset: To reset the Smart Switch RF (DOMO-18-RF) press the Smart Switch button 9 times. Done, your Smart Switch will be factory reset.


enlightened Smart House APPs: With the Smart Life” app, users can set up their preferred method to control their lighting from miles away. Work with voice-activated platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

enlightened Save on bills: Set up your schedule for high consumption devices to avoid unnecessary power consumption and reduce your energy bills.

enlightened Various Uses: There´re a series of steps to setup your smart home such as pairing it with the TUYA SMART app to your phone, you may share it with other family and/or home members, set up Timer & Shedule for your lights, manage them through Voice Control, synchronize it and more.

Checklist before using the item:

yes Your smartphone or tablet has connected to a 2.4GHz WIFI Internet

yes Enter the correct Wi-Fi password.

yes Your smartphone or tablet must be Android 4.0 or iOS 8.0 or newer versions

yes Your Wi-Fi router is MAC-open

If the number of devices connected to the router reach the limit, you can try to disable a device to vacate the channel or try with another router.

How does it work?

  1. Use your smartphone to scan your QR code or search Smart Life in APP Store or Google Play Store, download the app and install.
  2. Register an App account with your mobile number and login.
  3. Enter the app, tap “+” in the upper right corner of the homepage or click “Add Device”, select “Breaker (Wi-Fi)” from “Electrician”.
  4. Long press the Reset button for about 7 seconds until the LED flashes quickly. Put your Wi-Fi user/name and password. After the connection is complete, the setup is done. You may now use the device.

Note: Please refer to the User Manual for Overview of the Connection Diagram.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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