T1000S pixel controller with SD memory card, 2048 pixels 5/7.5-24V

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Max. Pixels Control 2048 Pix
Input Voltage 7.5-24 Vdc
Output Channel 3   
Color PIXEL   
Number of Programs 16   
Material PC   
Casing Color Grey   
Tactile? No   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Length 6.3 in
Height 0,98 in
Weight 12.34 oz
Operating Temperature -22 ~ 185 °F

This T1000S pixel controller runs at DC 7.5-24V using an onboard voltage regulator, or it can be run off at a single DC 5V source if you're running DC 5V LED strips. Each controller can drive up to 2048 pixels using 256 brightness levels per color (24 bit color). Using the LED Edit 2012 software you can even upload a video to be converted and executed across LED strips. Support all the various rules-shape, special shape processing.

It also includes a 256MB SD card with preloaded LPD6803 TM1812 WS2801/2811/2812B effects to get you started. Off-line it can support playing 16 programs which are stored in the SD card. Designed with adjustment buttons, you can adjust the playback speed and choose the display program and save the play list functions. Built-in lightning resistant and ESD protection circuit, ensure safety and reliable.


How does it work?

  • Multiple T-1000S controllers can be cascaded together and work synchronously.
  • T-1000S one TTL(SPI) signal and one RS485 signal port output, can control 2048 pixels/lamps.
  • When the chip for LED is single line chip just with data, then just need to be connected with DAT and GND of the controller. If the chip for LED is double line chip with DAT and CLK, then need to be connected with DAT, CLK, and GND of the controller.
  • If you need to use RS485 signal you need to connect controller A interface with LED lamps A (DMX+), controller B interface with LED lamps B(DMX-).
  • If you need to control a new IC type by the controller,software code mode is:T-1000-IC model.


T-1000S System features

■ 32—256 Gray level. Support software Gamma correction。

■ Support the rules and special-shaped handle.

■ Single-port output, can support 2048 pixels。

■ Off-line (SD Card) control, play back content stored in the SD card.

■ T-1000S store a maximum of 16 programs, copy multiple files to the SD card in order, after formatting the SD card as “FAT” format.

■ The program must be named in orders, just as :00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.

■ Compatible with single line or double line chips.



  • When T-1000S controller control less than 512 lamps, the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-1000S control more than 512 lamps and less than 2048 lamps, the frame rate will slow down automatically.
  • T-1000S must use the new software LedEdit 2012.
  • Before copying the files to the SD card. The SD card must be formatted as FAT format.
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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