Neon SMD2835 LED Strip 12V 6W/m Purple 120 LEDs/m 16.4ft

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Power Comsuption 30 W
Power Comsuption per Meter 6 W/m
Working Current 2.5 A
Input Voltage 12 Vdc
Wavelength (±5nm) 420 nm
Color Violet   
Beam Angle 120 °
LED Type SMD2835   
Number of LEDs 600 LEDs
LEDs per meter 120 LEDs
Dimmable? Yes   
IP Protection Grade IP67   
Use Outdoor   
Flexible? Yes   
Operating Temperature 14 ~ 122 °F
Storage Temperature 10 ~ 30 °F
Lifespan 5000 h
Length 16,41 ft
Width 0.24 in
Weight 15,16 oz
Safety Standard CE / RoHS   

Our purple (410nm) SMD2835 LED Neon LED strip offers high brightness and is ideal for decorating any space, whether in homes or businesses, as it has a PVC covering that seals the strip and makes it waterproof. It is ideal for architectural lighting as it provides high-performance homogeneous lighting that enhances architectural perimeters and contours. They work both indoors and outdoors with a degree of protection IP67.

Neon LED strips have a wide variety of uses, their design makes them ideal for decoration and they are commonly used in signs, billboards, or commercial signage, highlighting windows, walkways, patios, or gardens. They can be dimmable with the use of controllers or dimmers and installed either surface mounted, recessed, or suspended using aluminum profiles, thus allowing you to obtain the specific and desired degree of illumination for each moment as well as your installation method.

This neon LED strip has 600 LEDs and 1,500 lumens per roll, additionally, we have at your disposal installation accessories such as connectors, extension wiring, controllers, power supplies, aluminum profiles, and many more to facilitate and adjust to your lighting project.



enlightenedHigh-intensity lighting: Our high-quality purple neon strip of 120 LEDs per 3.28ft and reliability provides ideal and bright lighting while maintaining low power consumption (30W and 2.5A per roll) compared to traditional lights.

enlightenedUniform lighting: Neon lights can create incredible illumination on walls and surfaces, providing uniform lighting and a continuous band of color to highlight lines and structures with a 120° beam angle.

enlightenedEasy Installation: Installation can be easily and professionally done with accessories such as aluminum profiles, covers, end caps, mounting clips, controllers, dimmers, and more. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

enlightenedAdjustable: the LED strip is manufactured to be cut to any desired length of up to 16.4ft without losing functionality.

enlightenedMultiple Applications: Achieve accent lighting and backlighting with ease, ideal for display cases and shelves. It can be placed anywhere in the house or business, used in events, shows, advertisements, walls, ceilings, railings, stairs, patios and gardens, terraces, porches, etc.

enlightenedIdeal outdoors: The PVC coverage and protection grade of IP67 provides additional security for the lighting of your LED strips and illuminates your environment without worrying about climate change.



■ This product must ONLY be used with a DC 12V power supply. The voltage must be the same as the voltage required by the LED strip. If it is lower, the intensity of the strip will be lower than it should. If it is greater than required, it can burn the LED Strip.

■ You can use a power supply with a current and power consumption (watts) values equal to or greater than the total consumption of the LED strip, but not with values lower than the total consumption of the strip as it would damage the operation of the same.

■ If you want to use dimmers to regulate the light intensity or controllers to choose the hue of the color, it is necessary to use amplifiers. Please contact our FREE tech support team to provide you with the best possible assistance for your project

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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