UL Listed Indoor Power Supply - DC5V 2A 10W

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DEMASLED® Wall Mounting Plug-In DC 5Vpower supply is especially recommended for Pixel LEDs (you can control until 50 units of our Pixel LEDs with this Power Supply), and for the star-shaped High Power LEDs or any LED light that needs a constant current of 5V. This UL Listed LED power supply combines the electronics and housing of a heavy duty hard-wired driver with the ease and simplicity of a plug-in adapter making permanent indoor installations quicker and easier.


☼ EASY INSTALLATION: Our LED adapter is a plug-and-play LED lighting transformer at its most effortless. Just plug your LED lights into the jack of the LED light adapter (5.5mm OD – 2.1mm ID type A), either directly or using a connector on any kind of pixel LED and high power LED, working on a direct current of 5V.

☼ SUITABLE FOR 5V DC DEVICES: The 5V DC power supply is suitable for devices that require an operating voltage of 5V dc and a current of 2A, or less

☼ MORE SAFETY & CERTIFIED: This kind of power supply is UL Listedcertify AC transformer, compact design, insulation resistance, it has been passed the US standards for safe use. NO spark when plug-in, NOT getting too warm, NO need to worry about any fires/explosions or shocks occurring or harm coming to the kids and yourself.

 VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: It can also be good for some small electronic appliances and you can use the 5V transformer to perfectly replace a broken original charger.

☼ FOR INDOORS & RELIABLE: Recommended only for indoor usage, universal 10 W switching power supply, UL listed, to store it in dry places and away from heat, over current (120%-300%) and short circuit protection, continuous working 24hrs have NO damage at the output current 2A.


■  For best use, the Power Supply should be 20% (approx.) stronger (Watts/Amps) than the total required to run your system.

■  Warranty for 2 years

■  Before power on, please check input voltage switch avoiding damage!!!!

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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