Warm White Aluminum T8 LED Light Tube - AC 100-240V 18W - 3.93Ft

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T8 LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than traditional fluorescent tubes, our T8 LEDs have a wide range of color temperatures going from the warmer 3000K to cool white 6500K. These LED tubes are available as the traditional direct wire T8 tubes or newer T8s that are compatible with your current ballasts, no rewiring needed at all.

The new DEMASLED LED tube Universal T8 brings ease and simplicity to your lighting project. Our LED tube Universal T8 directly fit in luminaires operating on either electromagnetic ballasts or HF electronic ballasts or mains power connection. Perfectly safe, reliable & easy to install DEMASLED´s LED T8 Tubes are the ideal alternative to standard fluorescent tubes to maximize value over lifetime with high energy saving and lower maintenance costs.

Industries and commercial businesses are turning to LED as the lighting source for their work places and warehouses over traditional linear fluorescent lights. LED lighting has the potential to minimize your maintenance and replacement costs while keeping your business perfectly illuminated with innovative high quality lighting.


enlightened Efficiency & Reliability: LED t8 tubes are up to 70% more efficient than a standard T8 or TL-D fluorescent tube. Unlike traditional fluorescent tubes, LED lighting emits no irritating background hum, does not flicker and reaches its full brightness instantly. The average life of a T8 LED is 50,000 hours, versus only 30,000 hours for an average T8 LFL.

enlightened High Quality Color: DEMASLED´s LED t8 tubes produce quality light with a high color rendering of >80 so colors are represented accurately, and with a color temperature of 1500°K (Warm White) in order to suit the needs of your business. No flicker, glare or warm-up time

enlightened Eco-Friendly: By switching using our LED t8 tubes you are helping to ensure a greener environment, as they are a mercury-free alternative to traditional tubes.

enlightened Wide Applications: cellars, stairways, garages, corridors, offices, health/residential care, car parks, shops, warehouses, garages, cold storage, supply rooms, etc.


■ Removable & Rotatable end-cap

■ Special circuit design, each LED works separately, avoiding single LED fails to affect other LEDs

■ Special structure design with excellent heat dissipation.

■ Isolated driver PF>0.92

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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