Módulo Cuadrado con 4 LEDS 5060 Blanco Frío

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LED Modules are a great LED Lighting source for indoor or outdoor project. LED Modules are designed to be used in advertising signage and channel letters but they are also suitable for home´s remodeling projects, accent lights, and even outdoor patio and landscape lighting. LED Light Modules are a great versatile product because they have a lead wire between each LED Module, making them easy to cut and re-connect for any custom project. LED lighting technology is rapidly replacing the older incandescent and fluorescent forms of lighting due to its greater efficiency and longevity, and LED modules are no exception



enlightenedWide Application Range:Use it anywhere and however you like! Like in: outdoor patio or deck lighting, outdoor landscape and accent lighting, strip lighting in cabinets, cupboards, drawers and other narrow spaces that tend to be poorly lit, mood lighting, lighting up elements of the dashboard or engine bay in your car or other vehicles, reading or night lights, and more.

enlightenedSmall and Convenient:LED light modules are very low profile, and easily hidden, however, they are capable of creating dramatic lighting effects for both exterior and interior applications.

enlightenedEasy to Install:Given that the lamps making up the module are connected with lead wiring, they are easy to cut up and re-connect in various ways- this enables you to create any lighting pattern you desire, and you can re-work them to suit the requirements of any particular home project you need.

enlightenedLow Power Consumption:Become a part of LED´s advantages in producing low power consumption products. Each module has a power consumption of 0.72 watts, given their design this lets you choose just how many power consumption you need for your lighting projects and save up to 80% in energy bills compared to traditional lighting.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 06/17/24.
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