Choosing a Power Supply

How to Choose the Right Power Supply
Since our LED lighting products are customizable and come in different sizes, the power supply (also known as Driver, Electricity Converter, Adapter or Transformer) required depends on the VOLTAGE, LENGTH/QUANTITY and TYPE of the LED that you want to setup. The correct power supply needed for your LED lighting project is easy to calculate.
1) Define the correct VOLTAGE ("Working Voltage")

Voltage is a measure of electrical potential. US and Canadian household power is supplied at 110 volts AC (alternating current). So, NEVER plug a DC LED product directly into a wall outlet, this will permanently damage your LEDs or DC devices. Most of our LED products run on 12 volts DC (direct current). 

The DC Voltage of your LEDs define the type of Power Suply you will need to make the connections.
Our Power Supplies are electronically regulated at DC 5V, DC 3.3V and DC 12V, and they are particularly recommended for the use of our LEDs. 
The main purpose of the DC Power Supply is to ensure that the LED will not receive peak voltage and/or current.
2) Calculate the LENGHT/QUANTITY of the LED you will setup:
Calculate the total distance of your project, or the quantity of LED lights you want to install.
For example: 2 rolls of SMD3528 LED Light Strip or 5pcs of High Power Strar LEDs.
3) Determine your required Wattage - Pay attention to the WATTAGE of the product ("Power Consumption"):
Wattage is a measure of power. LED lights will require a specific amount of power to run, measured in watts. The power requirement of your LEDs should not exceed the capacity of your power supply!
Each product has a "Technical Data" section. Right there you can find the "Power Consumption (W)" specification that the product needs in order to work properly.
The method to determinate the W of a product is:  Voltage x Amps = Wattage
4) Determinating the correct Power Supply
Now you have the VOLTAGE, LENGTH/QUANTITY,  and the CURRENT or WATTAGE of your product.
a) If the Working Voltage of you product is DC12V, then you must choose a DC12V Power Supply.
b) Multiply the LENGTH/QUANTITY by the product WATTAGE
c) Add an additional 20% on top of that in order to not overload the power supply. (For best use, the Power Supply should be 20% (approx.) stronger (Watts/Amps) than the total required to run your system: this accounts for thing like power surges and protects the LED Lights.)
d) With the result of this multiplication you can choose from one of the our power supplies that is greater than that variable.
For example, You have 2 rolls of SMD3528 LED Light Strip. Each roll has the following specifications:
Working Voltage - Input : DC12V
Working Current - Output
1mt/3.28ft.: 400mA (4.8W)
5mt/16.40ft: 2A (24W)
LED #:  60LED/2.28ft - 300LED/roll (5mt / 16.40ft.)
1°: If you want to install 2 rolls of these strips, you must multiply 2 x 24W = 48W (Quantity x Wattage)
2°: Add an additional 20% on top (of 48W)= 57.6W
3°: In order to avoid voltage drop, we´d recomment you go with our 60W Power Supply.
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