Wholesale Program

DEMASLED is a manufacturer and supplier of High Quality LED Lighting Products with twenty years of experience. We have Storefronts throughout Argentina, Chile, Spain and EE.UU, our clients are our top priority, and we want to help YOU make YOUR clients happy by providing them the best LED Lighting Products and maintain them with the best-enhanced lighting projects.

Even if LED Lighting is still new to some it is believed to be the next lighting revolution in its industry. The possibilities and projects you can create and offer to your clients with our type of products are endless!

By becoming a part of our Wholesale Program you get access to many discounts ranging between 30 and 40% depending on the product of interest, you will have our support along the way by helping you with the information and technical assistance needed in order to go through with your projects and guarantee your clients the BEST results.


What are the terms?

Once you are approved to be a part of our Wholesale Program, a minimum purchase amount or purchase time frame should be accomplished in order to maintain the benefits of the same.


Who can be a part of this program?

It’s simple; we want to contribute in helping out everyone! And how can we do this?

By providing this kind of program to Retailers, Builders, Wholesalers, Distributors, Architects, Contractors, Interior Designers and Engineers.


They are all welcome to apply!


Note: For more information regarding the program and how to apply, you may contact us through our email: or through our phone number: +1 (786) 651-0368

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