Installation Requirements

What components do I need to install my LED Lights Strips?

Power Supply: Most of our LEDs run on DC12V electricity. The electrical current in most households and buildings in the United States and Canada is AC120V. Plugging a DC (direct current) LED unit directly into a wall outlet will permanently damage your device. To make a proper power connection with our DC12V LEDs, you will need to buy the appropriate power supply/driver or adapter.

Connector: in most cases you will need to buy a connector for your LED unit. A connector enables you to install your LEDs without having to solder the strips together, making for an easy installation. They also guarantee the continuity of the light effects because of the secure connection. However, soldering is the best option for installing LEDs in difficult-to-reach spaces.

Controller: This device allows you to create color or dimming effects with your lighting arrangement.

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