LED Motion Sensor - 120° Sensor Angle - Sensor Range 10Ft. - 3M

LED Motion Sensor - 120° Sensor Angle - Sensor Range 10Ft. - 3M

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This Motion Sensor automatically powers LED lights with a brightness capacity of 20 lux or less for 10 seconds when human motion is detected. It was designed to help you save energy and prolong the life of your LED lights. This PIR motion sensor can be easily wired to your LED lights for added functionality and security in your warehouse, garage, shop, house and more.


enlightened Trigger Motion - Sensitive passive infrared motion sensor that will activate your 12 - 24 V LED lights only when a thermal difference is detected at 10 feet, ex. people or animals passing by.

enlightened Midnight Lighting Fixture: Apart from the various places you can use this item with, it is also ideal for avoiding having to turn on the lights on a midnight walk in your bedroom, you can install this motion sensor under or on the side of your bed and once you get up it will automatically light up your path. Ideal for the little ones of the house.

enlightened Innovative Technology – This motion sensor uses PIR technology to analyze the surrounding environment for changes in present heat signatures.

enlightened Easy to Use - It can be wired directly to the fixture to instantly provide heat motion detection capabilities.




■ The single-channel sensor has a 3-Amp maximum load and operates within a 12-24 VDC range.

■ Automatic Turn On & Off - Light turns on for 10 seconds, if no movement is detected it will turn off automatically after no motion is detected during that time.

■ Activates only in darkness (20 lux or less). Takes approximately 1 minute to adjust to environment once installed properly.

Tech Data

Sensor Angle
Sensor Range
10 ft. - 3 mts
Working Voltage
DC 12 – 24 V
Working Current
3 A
Power Consumption
36 – 72 W
1.96 in / 5 cm
1.96 in / 5 cm
10.23 in / 2.6 cm